After the beginning of the Russian aggression, the rhetoric of the occupiers’ propagandists formed a common position, that all the losses and defeats suffered by Russia since 2014 will be resolved by force of arms. For example, the Russian occupiers are currently happy with the entry into the Crimea of ​​the North Crimean Canal, which is essentially the theft of Ukrainian property, which has already been determined by the authorized structures of Ukraine, with damage of 620 million hryvnias in two weeks.

Regarding the same channel, the occupiers are claiming a “water blockade lawsuit” to the “Crimean arbitration court” and apparently expect to “implement” such a “decision” by their own occupation administration somewhere in Nova Kakhovka. Georgy Muradov, a Russian secret services’ veteran of the budget funds’ embezzlement is also claiming that the “Scythian gold” case and the extradition of the Russian militant to Ukraine from the Czech Republic will be allegedly “correctly” resolved after the “change of power in Kyiv”, in “new reality”.

Russian occupiers do not say what is their plan to do in the face of the imminent aggressor’ military defeat. Russia’s exclusion from the Council of Europe, Russia’s designation as an aggressor in UN documents and the unprecedented order of the International Court of Justice in the case against Russia on fake “genocide” do create a new reality for the aggressor state that any possible Kremlin militarist measure will be unable to change.