Ahead of the occupiers’ planned “celebration” of the anniversary of attempted annexation the Crimea, Russian propaganda circulated an “interview with head of the Crimea” Sergey Aksyonov.

He focused a lot on fictional “Ukrainian Nazis’ crimes”, invented by Russian propaganda and promised “steady growth in Crimea’s prosperity”, but said nothing about how the Crimean “government” plans to provide for the population’s minimum living needs in the current economic and financial crisis in the current economic and financial crisis in the aggressor state.

Aksyonov’s only more or less concrete promise was to “provide up to 300 hotel rooms” in Crimea for the families of wounded participants of the Russian aggression.

In fact, this figure is an indication of the number of seriously wounded officers of the Russian army who are in the Crimea and can not be taken to Russia proper. We will remind that earlier the aggressor state promised to give to “military veterans” – invalids of the Russian aggression the right of free travel in electric trains.