By launching a large-scale aggression against Ukraine and occupying the territories of Kherson and Zaporizhia Regions, Russia is trying to resolve the issue of control and management over these areas. At the same time, the nature of the external design of its occupation regime in the South of Ukraine has not yet been finally chosen by the aggressor state, due to a number of factors.
Currently, apart from the Crimea, the only region of mainland Ukraine that is generally occupied by the Russians is the Kherson Region, the rest of the regions retain centralized Ukrainian management within the military-civil administrations and self-government bodies.
At the same time, the occupier’s structures were unable to secure the support of the local population or the loyalty of business or local authorities in the occupied territories of southern Ukraine. In addition, all the territories controlled by the Russian invaders, are located near the combat zone, which leads to de facto control over the situation by the Russian army, including military commandant’s offices.
The occupiers currently do not trust the formation of “civil administrations” in Southern Ukraine to Crimean collaborators because of distrust in their loyalty, and Russian found that their collaborators from Eastern Ukraine are only suitable for terrorism of the local population and unable to solve administrative problems. The aggressor is also currently acting in public, taking into account the rhetoric of his leadership, in particular regarding the “negotiation process”.
Under such conditions, the aggressor State is preparing for new encroachments on the territorial integrity of Ukraine in a covert form. As for the Kherson Region, these criminal intentions are currently considered by the aggressor in a criminal “alternative”: either in terms of forming another fake “people’s republic”, or in an attempt to “join” these territories to the “Republic of Crimea”.
The second variant of criminal actions is lobbied first of all by representatives of the Russian military command and special services controlled by them, who for eight years of activity of the “Donbass republics” were convinced of purely logistical and financial problems of this form of control over the territory.
Under their auspices, on March 16, an information operation was launched on the fake “rescue committee” for “peace and order”, which allegedly met in the Kherson regional administration.
In fact, the occupiers involved Kirill Stremousov, an agent of the Russian special services, in this criminal “organization” and former, until 2012, Kherson’s mayor Volodymyr Saldo, a participant in a number of common criminal offenses, including murder.
It is noteworthy that Stremousov on behalf of the fake “committee” appealed “for help” exactly to the Russia-controlled “Crimean authorities”. Thus, the occupied peninsula will play a key role in any further criminal plans of the aggressor against the South of Ukraine.