Due to large-scale Russian aggression, the economic crisis in the aggressor state has had a significant negative impact on the social situation in the occupied Crimea, as we have written many times. The Kremlin was forced to react to the situation and it “collected proposals from regional authorities”. It is noteworthy that in this dimension, the so-called “governor” of Sevastopol Mikhail Razvozhayev proposed to the “federal center” to organize for entrepreneurs “cheap loans”.

But how this could be reconciled with the current rate of the Central Bank of Russia at 20%, the “governor” of course could not explain; Mr. Razvozhayev also offered to pay private employers 12,000 rubles for each “saved job”.

So far, the Russian government has “heard” such requests and, as a tool of “optimizing the situation”, it has suggested that governors set up “regional headquarters”, that is, shift responsibility for the situation. It is easy to imagine how these “headquarters” in the occupied Crimea and Sevastopol will save the region’s economy, which has become 80 % subsidized since 2015. In addition, the Russian government wants to allow the advancement of “public procurement” by 80 %, which is guaranteed to lead to a phenomenal theft of these funds by “specially selected” entrepreneurs.

Also, apparently realizing the prospects of “federal support” in Sevastopol, the occupiers immediately began work on the construction of a “wholesale and distribution center”, which was planned for the last five years as a food supply for the city garrison of the Russian occupiers. Now the capacity of this “blockade” center, given the expected collapse of business activity in the region, will be designed for the entire population of the city.