According to media and Ukrainian authorities, on March 15, a group of the Russian fleet, which had left its Crimean bases the day before, is near the shores of Odessa and Mykolaiv regions, both in terms of strike forces and landing ships. As part of this escalation, the aggressor state fired rockets at the Tuzla village and at other settlements in the Belgorod-Dniester District, causing casualties.

In addition, some provocative and sabotage measures of the aggressor’s navy were observed in Black Sea’s coastal waters near other districts of Odessa, and it is likely that part of the shelling of the coast the aggressor was conducted from submarines, that recently replenished in Sevastopol own missile ammunition.

It is noteworthy that after another destruction on March 15 in the Kherson Region of a squadron of Russian aircraft, which was relocated by the aggressor from the Crimea to Chornobayivka airport, Russian troops simulated an urgent evacuation from Kherson, and formed a “powerful column” of equipment to leave for Crimea.

At the same time, children, women and third-country nationals were forcibly removed from the Kherson by the Russian occupiers in that convoy in trucks. Demonstrating the “escape”, the aggressor’s troops and special services hoped that the column would be attacked by the Armed Forces of Ukraine, that would allow to the Russian propaganda declare on “another crime of the Ukrainian Nazis against humanity”, organized and provoceted directly by the occupiers.