As our Association wrote on the eve of the large-scale aggression against Ukraine, the propaganda hysteria about the “Donbass refugees” promoted by the aggressor State on the peninsula was accompanied by obvious intentions of the Crimean and Sevastopol “authorities” and close-related “authoritative businessmen” to stand out for these tasks of “humanitarian aid”.

However, it turns out that these funds will not be stolen “at the regional level”, but obviously higher, as the “quotas” for the distribution of “Donbass’ refugees” between the territories have now been centrally approved by the Russian government. At the same time, Moscow “allocated” 4,788 places for “refugees” in Crimea, but not Sevastopol – none.

This approach is obviously due to the “military-strategic importance” of the Sevstopol city for the aggressor State, and in practice it means that the “refugee” funds that are intended to be “mastered” in Sevastopol, will not go to the city from Moscow now. However, despite this piquant situation, other Kremlin structures still require the Sevastopol city “administration” to constantly provide propaganda content about the “accommodation of refugees” in the city.

This has already led to a number of conflicts among local collaborators, who instead of the traditional embezzlement are forced to organize at their own expense propaganda campaigns against “refugees”, often fake. In addition, the campaign of voluntary and forced “collection of humanitarian aid to refugees” from business and the population ended in failure in both Crimea and Sevastopol.