Currently captured by the aggressor state, Berdyansk town has become a key logistics hub for Russian troops in their offensive in Zaporizhia and Donetsk Regions. In particular, the aggressor supplies fuel to the front through its transportation by tankers to the port of Berdyansk. Currently, there are groups of Russian warships and “border ships” in and around the port, with a total of up to 10 units.

On March 13, the occupiers removed a floating dredger and two merchant ships from the Berdyansk port to Kerch in the occupied Crimea, and today they are preparing to transport the “Korets” tug by the same route. It is reported that the occupiers set up headquarters at Berdyansk Correctional Facility № 77, as there is no heating in the town and that prison heats itself. There, the punitive forces massacre detainees detained during the “cleansing” and repressions of civilians in Berdyansk, and they carry out mass tortures and extrajudicial executions of civilians in the prison № 77.