We have already written about the rise in prices for consumer goods and services in Crimea after the start of large-scale Russian aggression in February 2022. The occupiers are currently forced to acknowledge the increase, but say it is allegedly “insignificant” and declares the “full food security for the peninsula”. At the same time, the most difficult situation is in the medical drug market, as Crimeans are well aware of the prospect of total cessation of production of relevant medical goods in Russia in the medium term, which is especially critical for chronic patients, such as diabetics.

At the same time, the Russia-controlled “administrations” identified the main forms of “fighting the crisis” as holding periodic “meetings” with entrepreneurs, selling socially significant products and setting up hotlines where Crimean residents could allegedly complain about rising consumer prices. At the same time, the announcement by the Russian government of administrative regulation of prices for consumer goods is perceived by Crimea’s inhabitants as a sign of a gradual transition to a card system of their distribution.