As our Association has repeatedly reported, the Russian occupation of Melitopol and other cities in Southern Ukraine in March 2022 led to mass actions of resistance to the aggressor. In particular, in Melitopol there are daily prayers for peace in Ukraine and rallies in support of Ukraine, which is extremely painful for the aggressor. On February 10, at 6 am, armed men in Russian military uniforms broke into the house of Leila Ibragimova, a deputy of the Zaporizhia Regional Council, a representative of the indigenous Crimean Tatar People, and the director of the Melitopol City Museum of Local Lore.

The aggressor’s accomplices searched, confiscated phones and took Leila Ibragimova in an unknown direction. Terror and repression of the Russian regime are becoming an integral part of the aggressor’s policy, in particular towards the indigenous peoples of Ukraine. They form the modern Nazism of the Kremlin junta, in particular as part of the aggressor’s preparations for the deportation of Crimean Tatars from Crimea, yesterday’s report of which has already caused widespread outrage among indigenous peoples from around the world. Russia is “legalizing” this terror by withdrawing from the Council of Europe, by ending international human rights standards and by introducing the death penalty, the official use of torture and concentration camps.