Over the past two years, our Association has paid much attention to racial discrimination by the occupiers of the Crimean Tatars in the Crimea, and we reported on the blatant practice of oppressing the indigenous people by the aggressor state. Also, our expert attention was paid to the small number of Crimean Tatars who went on the path of cooperation with the Russia’s occupation “administration”, who took some, though not key “positions” there and who headed some “civil structures” controlled by the aggressor state.

At the end of February 2022, according to our competent sources from the Crimea, some Crimean Tatar collaborators, who are most loyal to the Russian occupiers, received an unspoken instruction from their Russian special services curators to immediately physically leave the peninsula on trumped-up grounds and to stay in Russia itself, preferably in its Muslim regions, at least until June 2022. At the same time, these persons were categorically demanded “not to panic” and they were offered not to sell their own property and real estate in the Crimea, but to secretly issue it as a power of attorney to other persons controlled by the aggressor’s special services, no longer Crimean Tatars.

Our sources link these actions of the aggressor state with the preparation of Russia for the mass criminal deportation of the Crimean Tatar People from Crimea as a “knowingly disloyal” part of the population. For such measures the relevant legislation was approved a few months ago in Russia, which allows forcible removal of the population from the “disaster zone”. It is planned that the formal basis for the “evacuation” of the occupiers will be a large-scale artificial “terrorist attack”, with human casualties or at a chemical plant in the Northern Crimea, or – on the “Crimean Bridge” or on other peninsula’s infrastructure. The beginning of the relevant operation of the aggressor’s special services was planned two or three weeks after the end of the full occupation of Ukraine.

But due to the aggressor’s involvement in protracted fighting at the front, the occupiers are now setting a probable date of deportation two weeks after the aggressor established “complete control” over the territory of Odessa and Mykolaiv regions and at the same time over the Dripro’s left bank of Zaporizhia Region. It is unknown at this time what will happen with Crimean Tatars after the strategic defeat of Russia in Southern Ukraine, but the agressor’s complete abandonment of these plans seems unlikely, as the Russian occupiers are currently frantically looking for “culprits” in their own military failures.

The current panic among all Crimean collaborators due to their obvious desire to urgently leave the peninsula and sell property on it, our sources attribute to the infiltration of incomplete information about the upcoming large-scale terrorist attacks in the Crimea, which in fact should be the basis for a new deportation of the Crimean Tatar people. As an example, collaborators fear that as a target for a “terrorist attack”, in the classic style of the FSB, a new apartment building will be chosen, where Russian colonizers currently live.