Russia’s Damaged Rocket Boat Was Tugged to Sevastopol


On the evening of March 7, a damaged small missile ship “Samum” of project 1239 was delivered to the Sevastopol Bay from the combat zone. To avoid publicity, the vessel was brought to the bay on the tug “Vsevolod Bobrov” on the night of March 8 and the inspection of damage was carried out from the water, boats illuminated by searchlights. “Samum” is a hovercraft that is part of the 41st Brigade of Missile Boats and it is the largest in its subclass in the practice of Russian and world shipbuilding high-speed warship using a hydrodynamic platform, it is a catamaran with aerostatic air unloading. “Samum” was built at the Zelenodolsk Shipyard and joined the Russia’s Black Sea Fleet in 1999. According to the aggressor’s statements, he has no equal in terms of strike potential, given his high speed. After this painful loss of the aggressor on the morning of March 8, the aircraft of the Russia’ Black Sea Fleet was lifted into the air on the morning of March 8 and directed towards Odessa.