As we previously reported, the aggressor’s punitive structures illegally imposed draconian “administrative and criminal” sanctions in the occupied Crimea for disseminating information about Russian aggression in Ukraine. This has already led to the “punishment” by the aggressor of a number of Crimean residents for “discrediting the Russian Armed Forces” in posts on social networks. Under such conditions, Crimean residents stop spreading any information on social networks. For example, attempts by media outlets controlled by the occupiers to hold “holiday events” in the cities of the peninsula on the occasion of March 8 led to public outrage.On social networks, in response to the calls of collaborators, Crimeans respond en masse that “it’s a little off to the holidays”, that they “have no desire to have fun” and ask “to keep THAT topic secret? To pretend that everything is fine?” At the same time, despite the silence of the aggressor-controlled media, Crimean residents are aware of new movements of the aggressor’s military equipment, of the arrival of “mobilized” from Russia and the occupied East of Ukraine, of thousands of wounded occupiers in Crimean hospitals, and of rising consumer prices in the region, from 50 to 200 percent. Crimea’s inhabitants also understand that the apparent prolongation of hostilities in mainland Ukraine is finally turning the peninsula into a frontline rather than a “resort” region.