Our Association and other experts have repeatedly written about the excessive militarization of Crimea by the aggressor since 2014, primarily in expanding the capacity of the Russian Black Sea Fleet. The aggressor’s fleet was saturated with new weapons and ships throughout the years of occupation of Crimea, and before invading mainland Ukraine in the winter of 2022, Russia concentrated in the Black Sea an unprecedented group of ships – more than 40 units, including more than 10 landing ships. We have already written that such a concentration turned the Black Sea into a logistical trap for the aggressor State. However, it can be said that the aggressor has not achieved now the main tasks of supporting ground operations and landing tactical naval landings in ten days of operations against Ukraine.Moreover, since the beginning of the invasion, the Russian fleet has lost two small war boats, and on March 5, it was reported that a Ukrainian artillery boat attacked a Russian large landing ship that was damaged. Also on March 7, 2022, a video of a missile strike by the Ukrainian military on a ship was released, which showed a large-scale fire. According to “BlackSeaNews” experts, a missile volley from the coast of Odessa region at least damaged the patrol ship of the Russian Black Sea Fleet “Vasilyi Bykov”.It is added that the main ship of the series of patrol corvettes of the project 22160 “Vasily Bykov” was laid in February 2014 at the sanctioned ‘Zelenodolsk’ plant in Tatarstan. The ship was launched in August 2017, in the autumn of the same year it was towed by inland waterways to the Russia-captured plant “Zaliv” in Kerch for completion. On March 25, 2018, the ship left the occupied Kerch for the city of Novorossiysk for state tests, which began in May 2018, and in December 2018, “Vasilyi Bykov” became part of the Black Sea Fleet. In August-October 2020, the “Vasilyi Bykov” vessel was transferred to the Northern Russian Fleet by the Russian rivers, where he was tested to install a container version of “Caliber” cruise missiles, and then it returned to the Black Sea Fleet. From May 2021 to November 2021, “Vasilyi Bykov” was in the Mediterranean, based in Tartus, Syria, “BlackSeaNews” experts add.