A typical situation with the attitude of the Crimean residents and the Russian invaders’ “administration” to the Russian aggression arose in Sevastopol. According to residents of the city on social networks, mass patrols of local “police” are taking place in the apartments of Sevastopol residents. The formal purpose of the occupiers’ visits was to inform the residents about the peculiarities of the “martial law”. However, in fact, Sevastopol residents report that after such “visits” valuables disappear in the apartments, and those premises, that have not yet been identified by the tenants were lated opened by the unknown persons. On March 5, the Russian invaders’ “administration” provided an “official rebuttal” to the situation, but the fact of apartment searches was not denied by it, and only accusations of “police’s” looting were denied, as “no one reported these facts”, apparently to the same “police officers”. Occasionally, the Russia’s occupiers warned Sevastopol residents in “rebuttal” on the prospect of 15 years in prison for “spreading false information”.