According to the civil information, to the photo and video from the Ukraine’s occupied territories, the currently planned propaganda campaign of the aggressor in Melitopol and Kherson to proclaim pro-Russian “people’s power”, with “humanitarian aid” and extras from the Crimea in the form of “joyful locals” looks pathetic. In Melitopol, the local population in the morning went on a mass demonstration under the flags of Ukraine against the proclamation of fake “republics”. In Kherson, the city center is mined and patrolled by the aggressor’s troops, but even before that, Kherson residents under Ukrainian flags infiltrated the city’s central square in protest against fake statements and appeals, prepared by Russia’s special services. The criminal element, brought by the Russians yesterday and today from the Crimea and the relatives of the Russian colonizers from Crimea are currently in hotels in Kherson and in buses and they are physically afraid to leave them. So far, almost none of the locals in Kherson did not agree to receive so called “humanitarian aid” from the aggressor’s army.