As our Association has repeatedly reported over the past week, Russian propaganda has failed to cope with the task of “correct coverage” of the aggression against Ukraine, despite its long training done and huge funds spent. In particular, during the first days of the fighting, the aggressor-controlled media and bloggers changed their position several times, they were unable to reduce or hide the panic of the population. Also, the Russian “administration” could not restrict the access of Crimeans to information about the course of hostilities, in particular regarding the losses of the aggressor and his international crimes.Under such conditions, on March 4, the aggressor State was forced to impose unprecedented punishments on Crimeans, up to 15 years in prison for “spreading false information” about Russia’s aggression. These arbitrary measures to spread the punitive laws of the occupiers to Crimea are another aggressor’s international crime. In addition, on March 4, the aggressor blocked the social network “Facebook” (“Meta”) on the territory of the Crimean peninsula. It is noteworthy that preparations for restricting the operation of this network in the Crimea have continued since December 2021, when the content of the websites of the “official institutions” of the Russian invaders’ “administration” stopped being filled with content. However, at that time the aggressor State was obviously preparing to block social networks by their owners, but now he is forced to take the initiative and block the “prejudice”.Currently, the occupiers’ propagandists recommend that the population use “local social networks”, which have tried to create in recent years controlled by the aggressor institutions, such as the “Crimean Federal University”. Peninsula’s onlime media, controlled by the occupiers, cover almost no events on mainland Ukraine, even in terms of Russian military propaganda. The main topics related to the war are the holding of a “prayer for peace” on March 4 by the aggressor-controlled religious structures and the provision of “humanitarian aid” to so-called “refugees” from Eastern Ukraine.