In recent days, the media, Ukrainian authorities and the Ukrainian military have been broadcasting videos of interviews with captured soldiers and officers of the aggressor state. They show almost the same answers of the prisoners that they allegedly “moved in the tail of the column” and that they allegedly “do not know” their combat missions and the purpose of their stay in Ukraine. These are theses that were prepared in advance by the aggressor’s special services and on which the aggressor’s military was instructed before the start of hostilities. In particular, a video of a poll by Dmytro Shishkanov, a captured major of the 126th Coast Guard Brigade of the Black Sea Fleet, is circulating, in which he states similar theses.In 2020-2022, our Association wrote a lot about the role of this agressor’s brigade in the militarization of Crimea and in preparation for large-scale aggression against Ukraine. In addition, this particular Mr. Shishkanov was repeatedly mentioned as an “excellent commander” by Russian military propaganda, including the publication of the newspaper “Flag of the Motherland” of December 6, 2016, which described the “exemplary” activities of Battalion Commander Shishkanov at the “Caucasus 2016” military trainings and of May 25, 2018, which described the “outstanding” activities of Mr. Shishkanov as Deputy Chief of Staff, who was entrusted to “lead the column” at the May 9 parade.Thus, this man is clearly not and for many years was not the last in the system of militarization of the aggressor group in the Crimea; as can be seen in the video, he is currently following the instructions of the relevant Russian special services on what information should be given to Ukrainian soldiers in captivity.We emphasize that the understanding of this fact should not be reflected in the humane treatment of enemy prisoners, but the Ukraine’s military, journalists, the public should perceive the information provided by them as pre-prepared “legends” from the enemy. It is noteworthy that from the very beginning of the preparations for the aggression, the Russian special services thus foresaw the factor of mass captivity of the military aggressors and paid due attention to it.