During the day on March 4, the Russia’s occupiers plan to hold a show in the Ukraine’s Kherson city and in the Kherson Region to “proclaim” another fake “powers” with a hastily sent mass from the Crimea.

Earlier, Russian occupiers’ attempts to gather a local population under the guise of fake “distributing humanitarian aid” were unsuccessful by the over the past two days. Among the extras, significant part are not Crimean residents, but Russian colonizers of the peninsula, including the families of their military and “officials”, involved by the aggressor State. The aggressors are also taking Crimean prisoners, imprisoned for “general criminal offenses” to such specified occupiers’ show.

The Russian invaders will take some of the dressed-up fake “Kherson residents” to the region early in the morning of March 4. In particular, they plan to send up to 50 buses from Yevpatoria and Sevastopol. Among other things, extras are recruited from Crimean “state institutions”, the organization of events is entrusted by the aggressor to the “Crimean” FSB. The participants of the events are currently promised to get payment on behalf of the Russian special services, from 50 to 150 thousand rubles a day, and they are being prepared to “work out” in several cities of mainland Ukraine at the same time, for several days.

After that show, the criminal element taken out of the Crimea is planned to be used by the occupiers for looting and terror in the villages and settlements of Southern Ukraine to intimidate and repress, and they plan to “appoint” a “new local government” at the local level.