Russian propaganda emphasized the “imminent entry” of Russian banking, postal and logistics services into the Crimea, which “will now disregard Western sanctions” in the first two days of Russia’s large-scale aggression in the occupied Crimea. In practice, on February 24, the aggressor State completely suspended air service both in the occupied Crimea and throughout the south of Russia, which was declared a “temporary measure” until March 2, 2022. In addition, as the ARC has already reported, the aggressor State has illegally banned commercial shipping in the Black Sea areas adjacent to mainland Ukraine since February 26.But with the imposition of systemic sanctions by the EU and the US, Russian airlines are now not only forced to cut off flights to Europe and the United States, but will also be deprived of repair and maintenance services for aircraft that also require return to European owners. In addition, Turkey’s imposition of a military regime for the Black Sea Straits will mean a reduction in merchant shipping for Russia’s ports in the region. Currently, there is a significant increase in insurance risks for transportation to these ports, and at the same time powerful container lines are removing orders for Novorossiysk. In addition, powerful global delivery operators have refused to work with Russia since February 28.Thus, under such conditions, the aggressor State has already significantly worsened its own logistics for goods and services in southern Russia, from which, according to his calculations, the occupied Crimea was to be provided. Also, the expected collapse of Russian passenger air traffic will significantly reduce the logistical capacity of Russian colonizers in their movements between the Crimea and Russia, the supply of perishable goods and more. It is noteworthy that understanding the next commodity and transport crisis, collaborators and Russian intelligence services are trying to get rich on this. The aggressor’s propagandists are currently promoting the former “Minister of Transport” of the occupied Crimea, Anatoliy Tsurkin, who was appointed to this position in 2014, as an example. Mr. Tsurkin then tried to set up “gray” deals between the Crimea and mainland Ukraine in favor of his curators from the Russian Ministry of Defense. Now the Russian military is probably trying to make money by supplying goods from Russia to the Crimea and setting up “emergency” wartime transport logistics.

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