Since the beginning of the large-scale aggression from Crimea, the occupiers’ propaganda has been aimed at describing the so called “provocations of Ukrainian troops against the Crimean people” and the “liberation campaign” of Russian troops from the peninsula. At the same time, after the first reports of hostilities and due to the fact that the inhabitants of the Northern Crimea clearly saw the active resistance of the Ukrainian army, the population of the Crimea began to actively move to the South of the Peninsula. In addition, the Russian authorities cut off flights to Crimea and this caused panic among collaborators and Russian colonizers. Also in recent days in the Crimea there have been mass reports of mines in various institutions. Therefore, from February 24, the Russian invaders’ “administration” is forced to announce the “suspension of the educational process” and provide reassuring messages. All this has caused panic, which is now recognized by the occupiers’ propaganda. Russia-controlled media urges the Crimean residents not to withdraw money from ATMs, and food suppliers – to increase deliveries to stores. Prices in the Crimea and Sevastopol over the past two days increased by 130-150%