OurAssociation has repeatedly written about instilling propagandistic hysteria in the Crimea about so-called “refugees” from Eastern Ukraine, as f part of the current escalation created by Russia. There were also mentioned on reports of corruption schemes that immediately arose on virtual “displaced persons”, and the occupiers’ statistic on “refugees” as all of those who came from mainland of Ukraine, and on the lack of evidences of the real existence of at least some real “Donetsk refugees” on the peninsula. So far, the Russian occupiers, after a long search, have managed to find a family that actually left Makiivka in February 2022 and arrived in Sevastopol, an interview with which is distributed by the invaders-controlled “Sevkor” website.

According to the “refugee’s” words, she came on peninsula to her daughter, who has long been renting an apartment in Sevastopol from her husband’s relatives. The forced “evacuation” of the two “refugee’s” granddaughters was initiated by the invaders-controlled school on February 18. At the same time, the Russina occupiers immediately and completely stopped the activities of “gray” trucking companies, which traditionally transport residents of the occupied East of Ukraine to the Crimea via Russia by minibuses, and our Association has already written about corruption and criminal schemes related with it. Taxi drivers also stopped working completely there. Instead, the “refugees” had to search for a long time in Makiivka, with a minimal set of things, a “free bus” to take them to Ilovaisk on a “free train” to Russia’s Taganrog.

It is noteworthy that the drivers of buses, transporting “refugees” to Ilovaisk train station, complained that they themselves were forcibly removed, along with their own vehicles, from Rostov passenger routes and that as of February 19 they have been in Ukraine for three days and forced to “carry the evacuation”. The “refugee” family did not receive any “aid” on the way, except for a set of colored pencils from “volunteers”, till Taganrog station, where “tea and sweets” were waiting for them. Also in Taganrog, all “refugees” were waiting for a propagandistic “free train” to Nizhny Novgorod, and of course no one helped the family get to relatives in the Crimea, because they “did not receive sympathy and complicity after a day of travel”. Later, the “refugees” went to Sevastopol by local private transport at their own expenses, no one in the Crimea “registered” them and of course no one gave them the Putin-promised ten thousand rubles.

At the same time, as our Association wrote before, the former Minister of Defense of Ukraine, traitor and real estate fraudster Pavlo Lebedev is actively collecting “charitable funds”  in “own” Sevastopol hotel “Aquamarine”, where allegedly “hundred refugees from Donbass were housed”, on their content. He does this very simply, by adding the appropriate amount to the checks for the services, provided in the hotel’s restaurant.