As our Association has already reported, as part of the intensification of militaristic propaganda, Russia and its occupation “administrations” in the Crimea are inflating the topic of so-called “refugees from Donbass”. It has already been pointed out that the relevant statements are fake, and that the collaborators intend to get rich at the expense of the corresponding artificial hysteria.

On Monday, February 21, the situation continued to develop in a similar vein. The invaders-controlled media announced that 24 people were currently being accommodated in the “Kerch branch” of the Russia-controlled “Red Cross”, and that another 32 people from Donbass had allegedly “registered in Sevastopol and Saki”. At the same time, yesterday the same media reported about “a hundred refugees” only in Kerch. But then it turned out that all these “refugees” were not housed in the “Red Cross”, but in their “relatives and acquaintances” and in fact no one at all now is “under the care” of the occupying structures.

Moreover, although on February 17 the “head of the Crimea” Sergey Aksyonov and the “deputy head of the State Council of the Crimea” Yefym Fiks declared the alleged “readiness of mass accommodation of refugees in sanatoriums”, now invaders-controlled “ForPost” media reports that “in reality” “Crimean authorities did not declare its readiness to accept refugees”, and that all the persons came to the Crimea “voluntarily, on their own initiative”. In addition, it turned out that such “refugees” include “residents of the territories controlled by Ukraine” who arrived on the peninsula, including visits to their relatives.

The most tragicomic situation with the phantom “refugees” is in Sevastopol now, where the readiness to accommodate a hundred people in his own hotel “Aquamarine” was stressed by the former Ukraine’s Defense Minister Pavel Lebedev. Mr. Lebedev, as a purely commercial man, is known not only for his treason in favor of Russia as Ukrainian minister and for the numerous attempts by rival Russian intelligence groups to “squeeze” him out of the peninsula’s construction business since 2014.

Mr. Lebedev also became “famous” for the monstrous high-rises hastily erected in Sevastopol for Russian colonizers in recent years with the destruction of greenery and without safety rules. On social networks, Sevastopol residents directly describe current Lebedev’s “humanitarian” statements as his attempts to “suck the federal budget”, because “refugees” will obviously be virtual, but “budget funds for the elected” for their placement – will be quite real. Moreover, without waiting for “federal aid”, the resourceful collaborator began to collect “aid” in other ways, as visitors to “Aquamarine” suddenly began to notice a considerable percentage of “charity” in the bills for service and food.