According to “BlackSeaNews”, a group of Russian Navy’s ships was recorded and identified in the middle of the day on February 20 in the Kerch Strait while passing into the Sea of Azov. The group includes a small anti-submarine ship (corvette) “Yeisk”, a patrol ship (corvette) “Pavel Derzhavin”, a missile boat “Naberezhnye Chelny” and three large landing ships – “Novocherkassk”, “Caesar Kunikov” and “Saratov”. Experts note that this now looks like military-political pressure – the threat of a landing operation against the background of the situation on the Eastern Russian-Ukrainian Front. In its turn, representatives of our Association had repeatedly pointed to the possibility of a corresponding negative development, which, in particular, contribute to the bilateral Ukrainian-Russian agreements on “joint exploitation” of the Sea of Azov – 1993 on fisheries and 2003 on shipping, and contribute to the illegal activities of transnational fishery mafia and Russian insurance and classification societies.