Our Association has already reported on the “false start” of the Russian invaders’ “administration” from Simferopol in spreading fakes about the “placement of refugees from Donbass” in “empty Crimean sanatoriums”. After that, the Russian authorities launched a centralized campaign to announce the “accommodation of refugees”, which embodied in the “parade of administrative declarations” on the readiness to accept refugees, from the Murmansk Region to Yakutia. In particular, as part of this centralized campaign, the so-called “governor” of Sevastopol, Mykhailo Razvozzhayev, declared “readiness to accept more than five hundred evacuees” from the occupied Eastern Ukraine. The “governor” also stated that “humanitarian aid” would be collected at the “My Vmeste” (“We Are Together”) volunteer headquarters and that a “consolidated detachment of volunteers” from the “civil structures”, controlled by the aggressor State would be sent to Rostov Oblast, as from “My Vmeste”, so from the so-called “Young Guard of United Russia” and the “Youth United People’s Front”.

At the same time, social networks in Sevastopol and Crimea report that the burden of forcibly collecting “humanitarian aid” is actually imposed on secondary schools, which in their turn require pupils’ parents to bring appropriate “aid” to schools on Monday, February 21. It should be added that the structure “My Vmeste. Sevastopol” was formed “under Governor” Razvozzhayev as a tool for his PR among Sevastopol inhabitants, the organization is headed by Victoria Kashlyakova, a functionary of the same “United Russia” and “United People’s Front”, the so-called “depute of Leninsky District” in Sevastopol. At the same time, the PR actions “My Vmeste. Sevastopol”, as a “non-governmental structure” are held jointly with the charity fund “Zhizn. Sevastopol” (“Life. Sevastopol”) by a so called Dmytro Zakirov, leader of the Russia-controlled “Sevastopol Union of Nakhimovs, Suvorovs and Cadets”, who became “famous” in the city for high-profile politicized scams, such as the “lottery” for citizens who agreed to take part in the so called “elections”, organized by Russian occupiers. It is noteworthy that the organization of “cadet classes” in Sevastopol, as our Association wrote already, was also carried out at the expense of parents of students by force, as well as the current collection of “humanitarian aid”. Thus, the actions of the occupiers and collaborators to “collect aid” at the expense of parents of students are seen as signs not only of common agressors’ propaganda but also of their personal enrichment.

It is noteworthy that Lyubov Vlasenko, the leader of the local aggressor-controlled “Red Cross” in Kerch “caught the tide” and began not only collecting “humanitarian aid” but also a lively accumulation of “donations”, allegedly for the urgent completion of repairs to the premises of the “Red Cross”, just for “possibilities of accommodation of refugees from Donbass”. At the same time, Ms. Vlasenko does not say that during the previous relocations from Eastern Ukraine to Crimea in 2014-2016, representatives of the Moscow office of the International Committee of the Red Cross were on the peninsula for some time, and the aggressor State actively tried to use them actively in his own propaganda, as allegedly “a step towards the recognition of the Russian Crimea”. At that time, the Russian occupiers did not allow ICRC representatives to provide assistance to the Crimean residents themselves, but they welcomed the allocation of funds “in support” of the local Russia-controlled “Red Cross”, including repairs its premises. On February 20, Russian propaganda reported that “the first hundred refugees arrived in Kerch”. The current terrible state of the Kerch Russia-controlled “Red Cross” and the openly fraudulent behavior of its “leader” comprehensively testify to the real attitude of the aggressor to the Red Cross movement as a whole.