On February 19, as in previous days, mass movements of armored vehicles, tank trucks and trucks with the personnel of the occupiers continued on the territory of the occupied Crimea. In particular, the congestion of the aggressor’s armored personnel carriers was filmed by local residents in the Simferopol’s Fontanty district, located at the intersection of roads to Sevastopol, Perevalne and Western Crimea. In the Western Crimea itself, large-scale “training” of the aggressor’s army units continues. In particular, local residents reported on helicopters hidden in the folds of the area and dug shelters (Chornomorsky Districts, in particular near the Medvedeve village and elsewhere) and on tanks and other armored vehicles near the beaches (Saksky District, near the Molochne village). The Russian occupiers also set up a “checkpoint” at the entrance to that Molochne village to check civil traffic.

As the Association has already reported, this winter the traditional winter agressor’s deck aviation exercises were suspended in the Russian invaders’ military unit in Novofedorovka, Saksky District. Instead of the already traditional “aerobatic figures” over local inhabitants’ houses, the aggressor’s troops make not so “pathetic” and not so loud flights in Western Crimea at low altitudes. Also some last days in the dark several transport planes of the Russian invaders’ armed forces could arrive at this air base.

These measures may be related to the so-called “exercises” on the “landing operation” in the Black Sea’s Karkinistky (Karkinit) Bay, which have already been described by the “BlackSeaNews” our Association. In particular, it was reported that a group of six large landing ships of the Russian Navy entered the Karkinit Bay, together with the missile frigate “Ladny”, the “R-60” rocket boat and “Kovrovetz” minesweeper. Our Association also reported on the concentration of landing equipment on the Russian invaders’ Crimean base in Novoozerne settlement and on the deployment of an aggressor’s military camp in the Slavne village near Karkinit Bay, opposite Skadovsk. This was an open demonstration of the aggressor’s threats to mainland Ukraine – the coast of Kherson region. Today, the editor-in-chief of “BlackSeaNews” Andriy Klimenko announced the beginning of the aggressor’s “training landing operation” with the apparent use of these invaders’ forces on the Crimean side of Karkinit Bay, between the villages of Mizhvodne and Slavne.

Ukrainian military, apparently responding to such threats from the Russian invaders, announced on February 19, that the 28th Brigade would conduct tactical exercises from February 20 to March 5 in Odesa, Odesky District, and on the south of the Mykolaiv Region, adjacent to the Black Sea.