According to the editor-in-chief of “BlackSeaNews”, the Russian occupiers have now formed a landing party of six large landing ships transferred from the Russia’s Northern Fleet and the Baltic Fleet, along with Russia’s Black Sea Fleet vessels – the missile frigate “Ladny”, the “R-60” rocket boat and “Kovrovetz” trawler. This group is located in the Black Sea about 20-30 kilometers north of Cape Tarkhankut and it is an open demonstration of threats to mainland Ukraine – to the coast of Kherson Region from Skadovsk to Tendrovskaya Spit. Earlier, our Association reported on the appropriate concentration of landing equipment on the Crimean base of the Russian occupiers in Novoozerny and on the deployment of Russian invaders’ camp near the Crimean ground airfield in the Slavne village near Karkinitsky Bay of the Black Sea, opposite Skadovsk.