As our Association has already reported, the historic building of the Central Resort Polyclinic, located in the center of the embankment of the former children’s health resort, has begun to collapse in Yevpatoria. According to Lyudmila Yermakova, the so-called “director” of the Russia-controlled “state unitary enterprise” “Solnechnaya Tavrika” (“Sunny Taurica”), the building is in a state of emergency, and recently the facade was allegedly destroyed by “strong winds”. The representative of the “Sunny Taurica” said that the building of the clinic is “being prepared for transfer”, and the same position was expressed by the so-called “head of the State Supervision of Cultural Heritage” of the Russia-controlled “ministry of culture” Eugenia Rostovtseva who said that only in the past year they allegedly “discovered the failure of the building”, and it immediately began to prepare for “sale”.

It is obvious that the structures, controlled by the Russian invaders, which use illegally the facilities of the Yevpatorian Central Resort Polyclinic since 2014, plan to make money primarily on its valuable lands by the sea. However, although they claimed that the polyclinic had the role of a “cultural heritage site of regional significance”, after its “purchase”, a ditch will immediately appear on the embankment, and then – a high-rise residential complex for Russian colonizers. We will add that “Sunny Taurica” is an “umbrella” for a significant amount of recreational property stolen from the Ukrainian owners of the Crimea – sanatoriums, boarding houses and recreation centers.

For example, the real owner of the Central Resort Polyclinic is “Ukrprofozdorovnytsia” as a closed joint-stock company of Ukrainian trade unions’ Federation. It is noteworthy that from 1991 to 2014, the Yevpatoria’s clinic was not only a restored gem of the resort’s waterfront, but it also actively worked to improve the health of citizens. The clinic, in particular, has successfully treated functional disorders of the nervous system in children, cerebral palsy, male and female infertility and severe skin diseases, through its specialists passed tens of thousands of seriously ill citizens, many of whom received full or substantial recovery. It is obvious that the polyclinic will soon disappear after the Moynak health resorts, where the occupiers are currently destroying the mud hospital and the unique park, and local residents can only believe the Russia-controlled propaganda about “saving the wall mosaics” of the former pearl of the resort.

It is noteworthy that the occupiers in Yevpatoria continue to engage in land fraud and construction of the resort area at a time when during the years of occupation, the wear of distribution networks in Yevpatoria is up to 90 percent. Due to the massive building of the city with high-rise buildings for the Russian occupiers, first of all – for the aggressor’s military men, there was a systemic shortage of water supply, due to which it was stopped at night, which was forced to recognize Andrey Kuznetsov, the so-called “director of the Yevpatorian branch” of the “Voda Kryma” (“Water of Crimea”), controlled by the Russian occupiers. However, the subject of concern of the Russian invaders is only the further destruction of the remnants of the children’s health resort for the benefit of themselves and their Moscow curators.