On February, 2022 our Association submitted the information to UN Independent Expert on Protection against Violence and Discrimination Based on Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity on the current situation in the Crimea for his report to UN Human Rights Council and General Assembly. Those responses deal with the issues identified by the Association in its work, namely the issue of intentional and organised Russian policy against freedom of sexual orientation and gender identity in the Crimea. It was the second Association’s information to UN Independent Expert, after sent in 2021 and this UN official thanked our organisation for submitted facts already.

In its submission Association reminded to UN that the Crimea since 2014 Russia executes illegally own legislation and administrative policy on gender issues that is far from the international standards and is directed on the oppression on the freedom of sexual orientation and gender identity. At the same time, even regarding to some so-called “official” statistics, published by Russia-controlled “Crimean and Sevastopol department” of its Federal Statistic Service, the part of Crimean residents that have a “healthy kind of life” decreased from 29.2 % in 2019 to 16.3 in 2021. Quantity of medical institutions in the Crimea decreased from 117 in 2014 to 68 in 2020, among them special children hospitals from 6 to 4; quantity of Crimean policlinics, separated from other structures, decreased in 2014-2020 from 56 to 19; quantity of hospital beds in 24-hour hospitals in Crimea decreased in 2014-2020 from 16328 to 15803 and of beds for pregnant women, women in childbirth and puerperas decreased from 938 to 588; quantity of paramedic-obstetric stations in Crimea decreased in 2014-2020 from 504 to 493.

Association added to the UN officer that regarding to such “official” statistics during 2014-2020 the common quantity of Crimean medic personal increased but in part of number of some “other categories” like military medic personnel; quantity of dermato-venereologists also increased due to militarisation of peninsula, from 134 to 155. But, for example, quantity of Crimean pediatricians decreased from 740 to 705, and of social hygienists and health organizers – from 447 to 307; quantity of obstetrician in the Crimea decreased in 2014-2020 from 902 to 710 persons. It is practically impossible to find figures of deaths’ reasons and incidence dynamics in the Crimea, but regarding Sevastopol “official” data the new-established oncology cases number increased in 2014-2020 from 5505 to 5861 and number of new-established congenital anomalies (malformations), deformities and chromosomal abnormalities increased in Sevastopol from 353 in 2014 to 1629 in 2020.

Association mentioned that in the same time quantity of “officially” registered enforced (criminal) sexual acts (rapes) decreased in the occupied Crimea from 68 in 2015 to absurd and plausibly small number of 22 cases in 2019. De-facto it means that Russia-controlled punitive “bodies” in the Crimea have no task to fight with crimes on sexual ground in the Crimea and so that they have no motivation even to “register” such criminal cases.

ARC’s submission pointed that the concepts of gender are used widely in narratives of the Russian Church in the Crimea. In 2020 invaders’ de-facto “authorities” in the Crimea thanked Head of the Orthodox Church in the Crimea for his activities in issues of “strengthening the traditional family” on peninsula. At the same time annual quantity of “registered” marriages in the Crimea decreased from 16322 in 2014 to 11149 in 2020. In such situation so-called “Head of the Republic of Crimea” and “Head of the State Council of the Republic of Crimea” use actively not only the narratives of patriarchal gender-related concepts but also the hate speech against LGBT persons or communities. Provably Russia-controlled “administration”, that de-facto includes a large quantity of conspired LGBT representatives itself, want to make directly the strait LGBT representatives as allegedly “guilty” in catastrophic social and health care situation on peninsula, caused in reality just by the Russian invaders’ and collaborators’ total corruption and maximal negligence.

Our Association pointed again to UN Expert that his special research on protection against violence and discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity in armed conflicts may be extremely important for human rights’ protection.