According to the plot of the popular novel Twelve Chairs, one of the chairs made by the artisan Gambs hid significant treasures. That inspired us to demonstrate how the modern ‘Gambs’, i.e. the characters of our story, thrust their assets into all the chairs, putting the treasures from one chair into another with the lapse of time.

Telling about the family business of Crimean official Leonid Grach in the seventh, we explained you how, soon after the limited company Krymbolgaryugservice (USREOU code 30480344), at the same address (80 Sovetskaya Street, Simeiz Village, Yalta 98685, the Autonomous Republic of Crimea), the limited company Krymbolgarservice (USREOU code 30993483) was created. The word ‘Yug’ was omitted in the company name. Then, a chain of other companies appeared.

We have also discovered the differences in the birthday dates of other co-founders of the limited company Krymbolgarygservice Nazaret Ialanouzian and Ksenia Dorofeyeva. Those people mentioned the different birthday dates in other documents. Ms. Dorofeyeva who became younger was even entered on the Ukrainian list of sanctions. There she was born in 1980. Although, she was born in 1970. From September 1989 to June 1992, she studied in higher school of the trade union movement N.M. Shvernik All-Union Central Council of Trade Unions in Moscow.

 We have also proved that Ialanouzian’s daughter Galina Nazaretovna used Russian surnames Gusyeva and Gusayeva, e.g. she used surnames when she made the new ‘next chair’, i.e. the limited company Electron being under the Russian jurisdiction and located in Novomikhailovskiy village, Tuapsinsk Region, Krasnodar Krai,  352855. By the way, her affiliated limited company Ethnic Park invited and enrolled M.V. Driomov recently mentioned by us. It is suspicious that was done by Galina Gusyeva and not by her father Nazaret Ialanouzian. 

Besides, in 44 Sochinskaya Street, Tuapse, Krasnodar Krai, the limited company Stroytrans is located. Among the company’s founders, except N.M. Ialanouzian, his nephews Yuriy Ialanouzian and Levon Ialanouzian as well as his daughter G.N. Gusyeva are.

Artur Nazaretovich Ialanouzian (or ‘Yalanuzyan’) is a director of the commercial company Pelastar ltd., in the off-shore jurisdiction of Cyprus with a register number 381049, where Artur Yalanuzyan had used the surname Ialanouzian by  2010. In 2011, he named himself as ‘Яланузьян’ in Russian. In some documents, by 2014, Artur Yalanuzyan also made mistakes, writing the year of his birth as 1967 and 1977 soon after that. In particular, that was his RF passport, in which he was registered as in Limassol, Cyprus.

Though, our acquaintances corrected a little bit not only the personal data. We would like to remind the readers that the fifth part told about several oil schemes including those using the motor ships Igarka and Primorsk in the dubious fuel bunkering operations. At that time, the foreign company Brouns Maritime limited, on behalf of which the captain of the Primorsk acted, sprang to mind.

It is Cyprus company registration done by N.M. Ialanouzian and his son A.N. Ialanouzian and used in the marine sphere, which is a perfect example of the attraction to the actions hampering in the identification of the companies.

At first, that was one ‘chair’. We mean the off-shore company BROUNS maritime limited registered under No. 72608 since 1995. Then, another ‘chair’ appeared. It was similar to the previous one but different at the same time. We mean the off-shore company BRUNS maritime limited registered under No. 110158. Both the companies were registered in Limassol, in Cyprus, under the same address.

The information from the site of the Department of the Company Recorder and Official Receiver of the Ministry of Energy, Commerce, Industry, and Tourism of the Cyprus Republic confirms that, in 2010, according to the documents of Cyprus citizen Artur Ialanouzian and his company Bruns Maritime Limited founded in the off-shore jurisdiction of Cyprus, under the register number 110158, where Artur Ialanouzian is mentioned as a majority shareholder, Nazaret Ialanouzian owns 2000 shares, the company Trans Holdings Overseas SA registered under No. 1609123 was created in the jurisdiction of the British Virgin Islands, on the 12th of October 2010.

The company was the owner of the vessel Seabreeze and worked under the banner of Belize (IMO 9143312) seized by the Ukrainian court exactly as far as the ultimate beneficiary owner of the asset-ship was involved in the sand business.  It is interesting that, trying to release, the barristers representing the company Trans Holdings Overseas S.A. avoided the appropriate identification of Artur Ialanouzian by all means and refused to confirm his status of the company director. Such a conclusion can be made from the decision of Odesa Court of Appeals, taking into account the results of the processing of their complaint on Case 522/6180/18 et al.

We think, it would be no surprise to get to know that another person with the surname Ialanouzian was noticed at the building of the court when the case, in which the party was Trans Holdings Overseas S.A., was considered in one of the US courts, in the famous town San Jose.  The authors even got the notice, which California North District Court judge Ronald White gave them. The person with the surname Ialanouzian was a Nelli Ashotovna who, thanks to her inattention to the trifles, left about 40 dollar and was registered on the site of California national state comptroller Betty T. Yee.

Nelli Ialanouzian was born allegedly in 1954 and lives in California, in North Hollywood. Sometimes, Ms. Nelli named herself with different nicknames such as Nelli Yglanuzyan, Nelli Yalanunizyan, Nelli Yalanouzyan, and Nelli Anuzyan. What does Ms. Ialanouzian have with the old client of the Russian secret services Nazaret Ialanouzian in common? We are sure that must be immediately identified by the counterintelligence authorities of the USA.

The article of the Ukrainian publication telling how ‘the treasures were hid from one chair into another one’ also reported how judge Anatoliy Derus, the judge of Seaside Regional Court in Odesa and the father of one of the sons, released the ship, in spite of the conflict of interests, i.e. the previous work in the association of barristers advocating the owner of the Seabreeze of the company Trans Holdings Overseas SA.

Almost instantaneously, the dry-cargo freighter Seabreeze was immediately sold to the American company Pilin Fleet Management LLC located in Florida without the original documents exempted by the investigation aboard. The documents were not given back to the owners, and the new owners renamed the ship into the TRUMP D and raised the flag of St. Kitts and Nevis on it. 

 As the publication reports, the Florida company is supported by the same Russians registered in 1 Tekstilschiki Street in Moscow who possessed the Seabreeze. It was them who hired the Ukrainian PR-agency that spread the announcement on the illegality of the actions of the public prosecutor’s office on the 15th of May. 

We had a confidential conversation with one of the sailors and got to know the name for the ship was chosen not by chance. Under the letter D the traders meant not only a wish of blowing an international scandal and not the name of the US President but another abusive Russian word we just do not have a right to say aloud. 

All we have to do is to give thanks to the Ukrainian law officers for re-seizing the ship and standing their ground for the protection of the state interests. We also do not want to be disappointed. Thus, if the treasures are hid from chair to chair, the end of the novel must be known to everybody.