On February 6, the Ukrainian military discovered a medium-sized reconnaissance vessel (spy ship) of the Russian Black Sea Fleet, “Ivan Hurs”, stationed in the occupied Crimea, in 20 nautical miles from Odessa. After unanswered inquiries from the Ukrainian side, this ship, which was moving without identification and without a national flag, changed course to the east.

Currently, the Russian Navy consists of 20 reconnaissance ships and special vessels – six are serving in the Northern Fleet, five – in the Pacific and Black Sea Fleets, four – in the Baltic Fleet. In April 2017, the Black Sea Fleet reconnaissance ship “Lyman”, previously used by Russia during the Yugoslavia war, sank near the Bosphorus due to a collision with the cargo ship “Youzarsif”.

The ship then sank at a depth of 90 meters and due to the “special secrecy” of its equipment, which could not be dismantled, the Russians mined and blew up “Lyman”, the crew managed to “save documentation and some equipment”. In 2018, the new medium-sized reconnaissance ship “Ivan Hurs” arrived to replace the “Lyman” in the Black Sea Fleet.