In 2020, the famous journalist Valentina Samar and her colleagues told about a new investigation of the issue of Crimean sand. The investigation was called The Pirates of the Sand Quarries and dedicated to those who help the occupants develop the infrastructure of a giant military base. They affected the lives of the people who are famous in Crimea. Among them there are such people as Aleksey Maziuk, his wife Elena and daughter Yanina Kzlovskaya (Maziuk), Oleg Stepin, Timur Gafurov, Oleg Reztsov, Aleksandr Adarich, Aleksandr Muraviov and Svetlana Muraviova, Nadezhda Chepishko, Dmitriy Murakhver, and many others. 

We thank for providing us with additional information including the materials on another regional leader Leonid Zhunko, the former Chairman of Sevastopol City Administration and Resident Representative of the President of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea in the times of Leonid Kuchma. His daughter Elena Bondar is engaged in a lucrative sea sand business being a commercial success in an unusual way. So have been the Hrachs. We have proved that earlier. We can found out much interesting information thanks to the journalists investigations such as The Admirals of the Sand Quarries, Sandbox for Adults, and so on. 

Welcoming and supporting the aspiration of the colleagues for ‘sifting’ all ‘dirty sand’ of Crimea, let’s return to our account dedicated to our ‘defendants’.  In 2011, Sevastopol publication The Civil Defense published the documents according to which the limited company Kievhydroinvest, which is a formal founder of the company Suyesta, had to supply 600 thousand tons of sand to the Olympic construction in Sochi. The site of the limited company PortTradeImpex reported the company belonged to a group of companies Basic Element being a very serious purchaser and owned by Russian oligarch Oleg Deripaska. In those times, Aleksey Maziuk made no secret of his officially confirming the sand shipments to Russia, namely to the Olympic facilities.

And there the people mentioned by us in the tenth part of the Bandits did their part. That issue is for us a matter of principle as far as it is a clear proof of the Russian economic aggression and occupation of the entire branches of the Ukrainian economy, an actual collaboration, and disrespect of some former Ukrainian leaders to the national interests. It had happened long before the medals For the Return of Crimea were conferred.

We have also written in the previous parts about ten mln.tons of sea sand for the Russian Olympiad as well as the documents with the approved contracts estimated at hundred million dollars.  That was done by the attorneys who had the main Russian national resource, i.e. oil and gas, of the gas station-country, the resource that was turned into the weapon.   

Let’s not forget that, in the result of the scientific researches, it turned out the extraction of sea sand from the Black Sea affected the condition of the beaches and coastlines dynamics in 1960-s. Due to that, the USSR Council of Ministers even issued their Resolution No. 40 On the Urgent Measures for the Protection of the Coastlines of the Black Sea from the Destruction and Rational Use of the Territories of the Black Sea Coastal Resorts as of 17th January 1969.  Pursuant to the Resolution, using the underwater sand quarries and picking the sand-gravel mixture from the beaches were strictly forbidden.

At the same time, the extraction of the sea sand really induces a gradual reduction of the area of the territory of Crimea and provokes Russian. In August 2006, Resident Representative of the President of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea Gennadiy Moskal anxiously noticed that the sand extraction on the south coast of Crimea posed a destructive threat for the unique monuments such as Lastochkino Gnezdo, Ayu-Dag, and Adalara and could cause the erosion of beaches and activate over 350 soil creeps.

On such occasion, President of the Crimean Academy of Sciences and Dr. Sci. in Geology and Mineralogy Viktor Tarasenko appealed all the mass media, public organizations, political parties as well as Verkhovna Rada of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea, asking them to take the necessary measures to prevent the ecocatastrophe. Nevertheless, that did not stop the aggressors. It is obvious. 

The reader must not become resentful because of a great number and diversity of commercial companies involved in the robbery of the Ukrainian minerals and destruction of the picturesque nature of Crimea. Those of them who got the licenses were likely to use the corruptive methods. They have to go on and be afloat until the licenses expire. The others constantly rotate, trying to double and avoid shouldering the responsibility. And those things are not guesses but facts proved by the journalists.

Please, take a look at the document sent by the Russian specialists who are afraid of naming themselves with a Jesuitical title Organized Crime Group to one of the sand tycoons of Crimea and intercepted by the journalists. 

We do not impose any conclusions on you. We rather suggest taking a look at several other documents.

As it is known, all the bilge ships Pechora, Trofa, and Irtysh extracting the Crimean sand are operated by the same agent, according to the decision from one centre. And everything else is just talk of the devil as they say. That is not just an attitude of the port as a business entity controlled by the occupants. That is also the attitude of the occupational judicial authority who confirmed their official opinion on the situation concerning the transporting vessel Amur.

Precisely for this reason, we invented a title for this part after the American crime thriller about a criminal Owshen who started arranging a new crime, involving many friends-accomplices right after he was released from prison. 

As we have mentioned before, one of the former Crimean leaders and politician Leonid Hrach was supported by the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Armenia. The Armenian authority of Krasnodar Krai Mr. Ialanouzian supported Leonid’s business. That gave us the reasons for recalling another Owshen’s friend who is a very close ally of the Armenian ethnic organized crime group.  Meet Yevgeniy Sergeyevich Seropiants born in 1958 who abandoned his small domestic services business in Donetsk and moved to Yalta long before the occupation of Crimea. That happened at the times of the construction of Lazure Bay in Symeiz, which was the then sublime response to the aqua parks in Tuapse.

For those who know where Greater Yalta is located and remember the boom of the construction on the southern coast of Crimea, it is clear that there is no railway, heavy-load vehicles become a key problem, and sand turns into an urgent need.     At that time, the limited company TRANSSERVICE (USREOU code 32199016) having 6 employees and located at 5 Roosevelt Street, Yalta 98600, the Autonomous Republic of Crimea, phone number 0654-352254. For the readers who are not from Crimea, we explain that is the address of Yalta Sea Commercial Port, in fact. 

By and by, according to one of the announcement of the press service of the State Association Ukrmorport, reported a freight turnover which turned to be the highest recorded turnover ever in the entire history of Yalta port.  For high freight turnover rates, the port was even conferred with a memorable award Golden Ton. At that time, trucking industry provided 57% of income, and sand transportation comprised over 30% of freight flow. As soon as Mr.Seropiants became a Director General of the limited company Transservice, the motor ship Slavutych-17 appeared. It started shipping the sand for the future transportation.

For those who like finding the small differences, we would like to demonstrate a photo of the vessel Irtysh, the former Slavutych-14 in Kamyshovaya Bay, in Sevastopol.  

Moreover, one of the Ukrainian court decision states that the Contract No. 442 as of 19th December 2002 was concluded between the limited company Transservice at 5 Roosevelt Street, Yalta 98600 and Yalta Sea Commercial Port at 5 Roosevelt Street, Yalta 98600. The contract subject was the supply, treatment, storage, and selling the sand in the port. The limited company Transservice had to purchase and do sand shipping to the port in Yalta. The port had to accept the ships and transport the sand in compliance with the technological schemes.

Due to such a turbulent activity, Yevgenia Seiantsa became very popular with the Ukrainian government for some reason. They boosted his climbing the ladder. At first, he became a manager of the freight port and checkpoint Massandra of the sea port inYalta. Later, that man not having a higher specialized education but having a magnificent protection racket was appointed a director at two sea ports in Crimea, in Yevpatoria and Yalta, thanks to the false diploma. Seropiants’s ignorance and appropriate professional qualifications absence and many other things resulted in loss of life.

For example, his undue organization of the labor protection in January 2007 resulted in his employee’s death. We mean A. Melnik’s death. The article The Death on the Depth of 4 cm was dedicated to that incident. It was published in the research-and-production magazine Labor Protection.

Although, Yevgeniy Seropiants turned out to be very helpful for somebody. Thus, pursuant to the Resolution of the Council of Ministers of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea No. 259 as of 6th July 2010, he was even entered on the list of the Republican Commission for Taking and Selling the Freights, Which Have Delayed in the Sea Commercial Ports and Port Railway Stations. Not every manager of a port in the Autonomous Republic of Crimea was invited to join that exceedingly lucrative commission.

Here is an example of only one aspect of relations with other ‘sand’ companies. In 2011, Mr. Seropiants who is a leader of Yevpatoria Port signed a world agreement concluded between the State Company Yevpatoria Sea Commercial Port and ZAO South Investment Company to transfer the latter one 14 593.54 tons of sea sand estimated at 45 hryvnias per 1 ton.  The currently mentioned agreement was approved by the Ruling of the Business Court of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea on Case No. 5002-23 / 4592-2009, in 2011.

Moreover, it is the ZAO South Investment Company who filed an environmental inspection Claim on Reversal of Decision No. 3/1904 as of 1st June 2012 with the Regional Administrative Court of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea. The act abolished the previous Decision of the Ecologists No. 3/1 on the Temporary Prohibition of the Extraction of the Sand from North-West and South-East Areas of Donuzlav Deposit, initiated by the State Company Yevpatoria Sea Commercial Port. The court sustained the claim and abolished the prohibition. In other words, those ‘investors’ allegedly worked directly for the benefit of Yevpatoria Port. In fact, they worked for Mr. Seropiants against whom they brought an action. 

So far, Mr. Seropiants has still been involved in the schemes of the sea sand extraction, running the limited company Sea Firm and acting as a founder of the second limited company Betonostroy that is, in its turn, an owner of the dredger ship Cave (IMO 8714009), in compliance with the inventory.

The analysis of the fiscal story of the limited company Sea Commercial Port run by Director General Seropiants proves that the company profits have been growing. To put it in other words, they increased to 417,6 mln. roubles in 2017 but later the net gains decreased, so, in general, the company showed a loss of over 27 mln. roubles in 2018, which certainly indicates not the business disadvantage but a decisive attitude of the ‘defendant’ to the management taxmen hired by the occupant authority for a song. 

It is worth taking into account that the limited company Sea Firm had the VAT ID 9204008974, OGRN code 1149204017764 was reregistered from Crimea to Krasnodar Krai (1 Nekrasov Street,Stanitsa Taman, Temriuk Region). In June 2017, the company got the license with Ser. ШАЗ № 16376 ТР for the exploration and extraction of the minerals.

To understand the level of the company affiliation to the Russian authorities, try to get a Russian license on the bowels, on your own.  

To be continued…