Our Association has repeatedly written about the conflict between the clans of Russian invaders and collaborators in Yevpatoria, which is aimed at their access to land theft, seized Ukraine’s real estate of health resort and “budget funds” that continues. Currently, in the framework of such a confrontation, Mr. Talipov, an “independent blogger”, controlled by the Russian secret services, has focused his attention on “mayor” Roman Tikhonchuk.

It is noteworthy that the main “compromise” he published on the “mayor” was not the numerous thefts or abuses that were undoubtedly in the occupied town, but the circumstance thast Mr. Tikhonchuk, then “deputy of the town council” received in an unknown way the degree of Candidate of Science in Odessa in 2016. It is currently expected that a person from the clan of collaborators controlled by the “Crimean speaker” Volodymyr Konstantinov will be appointed to the “mayor’s post”. It is possible that it will be Yulia Zhukova from Yevpatoria, whose corruption has already been reported by our Association as the “Deputy Prime Minister” of the occupation “administration”.