Expert edition of Germany “Kulturaustauch” published an article “A peninsula in ruins”, which described the current situation with “protection” of cultural monuments of the occupied Crimea. Article points that so-called “Archaeological Institute of Crimea”, which is illegal part of the Russian Academy of Sciences, does not focus on the protection of the cultural heritage of Crimea, but rather concentrates on “new excavations”. As a direct result, illegal Russia-controlled “excavations” are currently being carried out at numerous sites in the Crimea. Authiors stress that “regulations for the protection of area monuments” are often disregarded during these “excavations” and the use of heavy equipment damages the soil layers. Recently, numerous historical settlements and Islamic burial sites were discovered and partially destroyed during the construction of a motorway “Taurida”, promoted by the Kremlin.

As the findings of Ukrainian archaeologists and experts done before 2014 are useful for the criminal executors of modern illegal “excavations”, Russia offers them to “sell” the results of their earlier work. In return, they are promised to get “co-authorship of a Russian research paper” or the offer to republish old research results in Russia. This is intended to create the impression that Ukrainian researchers allegedly “approve of the Russian administration’s actions” in the occupied peninsula. But in fact, points the edition, most of these Ukrainian researchers continue to try to prevent Crimea’s current situation of attempted annexation from being recognised by the world community.