The “Yevpatorian Zdravnitza” newspaper, which is controlled by the Russian invaders, published a statement by Roman Tikhonchuk, the “head of the town’s administration”, that three times more tourists allegedly visited Yevpatoria on New Year’s holidays this year than in 2019. This “municipal boss” did not explain the “methodology” of such calculations, which openly contradict both the household impressions of the population and with the experts’ assessments.

These statements were met with indignation on social networks. For example, according to the commentary of this “news” from the Yevpatorian Oleg Moshchenko, it “sometimes seems to him that” the “bosses” of the town, of the Crimea “flew from another planet”, as “their conclusions are so far from reality”. It will be recalled that due to a series of corruption scandals related to the struggle for power and the distribution of “budget funds” between the Russian invaders’ groups, Tikhonchuk’s current “managerial role” remains unstable.