As our Association has already reported, in November 2021 an important court decision was approved in Odesa in the case of restoring the rights of fishermen from Strilkovo village in Kherson Region and Ochakiv town, taken hostage by the Russian invaders in 2017 and criminally held by the aggressor’s representatives in the Crimea. In that case 420/7376/20, where the fishermen’s trade union is represented by our Association’s expert, professor and lawyer Borys Babin, the court found, among other things, shortcomings in bylaws governing the Ukraine’s official registration of persons, illegally imprisoned in the occupied territories.

And after, basing on the relevant court’s decisions that have already entered into force, the Government of Ukraine amended by Resolution of December 23, 2021 № 1370, the current ‘Procedure for Social and Legal Protection of Persons Deprived of Liberty as a Result of Armed Aggression against Ukraine after Their Release’, where these shortcomings have been corrected. This common approach of the Ukrainian courts and government, aimed at protecting the Crimea-related aggressor’s victims, is fully in line with the current legislative initiatives of Presidential Bill 6104, which was adopted by the Ukrainian Parliament on December 16 last year.