On December 28, Russian propaganda allegedly spread an appeal by the “Head of Crimea” Sergey Aksyonov, regarding the fate of “Scythian gold”, which should be returned to Ukraine according to the Dutch court’s decision. The key collaborator is quoted as saying that he allegedly asked Putin to “involve representatives of the [Russian] Prosecutor General’s Office in this process in terms of defining the defense, [he] prepared and sent letters to the [Russian] Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Justice to justify the position, that …the [Russian] State should be a party to the case, not the Crimean museums”.

It is noteworthy that from the very beginning of this process in the Netherlands, the tactics of the Russian side were to declare the fake “Crimean museums” as the alleged “case participants”, but not the Russia as state, and Russian invaders even did not “re-register” those “museums” under Russian law” for that purpose since 2014. At the same time, in 2021 in Russia, the jurisdiction of interstate cases with Ukraine in the European Court of Human Rights was transferred from the powers of the Russian Ministry of Justice to the Russia’s Prosecutor General’s Office.

Our Association has repeatedly written about Aksyonov’s personal corrupted ties with the top of the Russian Prosecutor General’s Office. That is why his current public “appeal”, which is very interesting in terms of content and legal consequences, can be assessed within the framework of the hidden hardware struggle between the Russian punitive forces’s units. At the same time, during the second half of 2021, some Russia-controlled propagandists intensified rumors about Aksonov’s alleged imminent resignation, so the current resonant statements of the “head of Crimea” can be assessed in this dimension of his violent self-promotion.