Russian nationalist politician Yegor Prosvirnin fell from the fifth floor on Moscow’s Tverskoy Boulevard on December 27, according to Russian media and bloggers. The victim was found after the fall on the street without clothes; then, according to video surveillance cameras, his body was hit by a police fence, and then he was taken away by ambulance number У-148-ВЕ (reminiscent of the number 1488 common in Nazi circles). Numerous commentators on the radical’s death, commenting on these “signs”, add that the victim allegedly had a knife and a gas canister in his hands; there are also rumors in the media about the alleged drug intoxication of the deceased and on the alleged family quarrel that preceded the incident. Prosvirnin was known as the creator of the radical media resource “Sputnik and Pogrom”, he popularized himself in Russia with maximum public support for the Russian occupation and the attempted annexation of the Crimea. Therefore, in 2014, Prosvirnin’s statements were periodically used by the Russian authorities in the relevant anti-Ukrainian propaganda. In 2015, a key Russian presidential administration’s official, Timur Prokopenko praised Prosvirnin and pointed out that “Sputnik is behaving very well” in an allegedly “merged” correspondence.

However, in 2017, “Sputnik and Pogrom” was banned for “extremism”, and Prosvirnin himself, despite all his efforts, never received a position in the Russian invaders’ “administrations” of the Crimea and Donbas. The victim stated that “now the Russian leadership does not have any strategic course, all decisions are situational there. There was a strategic course for the capture of the Crimea, and after the Crimea, the whole strategy, all the big planning was over. They thought that after that everything would be as before, only plus Crimea”. Mr. Prosvirnin later said in an interview that the Russian government would allegedly get rid of him before “finally pouring Novorossia”. Crimean “officials”, including collaborators, as well as the aggressor-controlled Crimean media and “independent bloggers” have not yet commented in detail on the high-profile death of the “Crimean Spring Petrel”, which Russian propaganda has already called as “suicide”.