On December 27, Russia’s “Izvestia” published an interview with Georgiy Muradov, the “deputy prime minister” of the Russia-controlled Crimean “administration”. In it, this key propagandist of Russian aggression complains about the consequences of the “Crimean Platform” implementation by world’s democratic countries, which he calls “multi-layered and multifaceted”, which “provides for comprehensive action against Russia”. At the same time, Mr. Muradov accuses the Russian government, as “Crimean platform” “could not be underestimated” and he says that the relevant challenges were predicted by “experts, scientists’ public organizations”, which the Kremlin allegedly disobeyed.

Our Association has repeatedly researched the real interests of Mr. Muradov, and therefore we propose to evaluate his statements not even in terms of prolonging threats from the aggressor State against Ukraine, which are growing, but in the format of the end of the budget year. After all, as it was indicated in our analytical materials, the “tumultuous activity” of both Mr. Muradov and the fake structures under his control gave, with the fantastic funds’ ongoing development, a frankly insignificant result, which raised his sponsors’ relevant questions. Now Mr. Muradov proposes publicly himself and his team of “experts” and “scientists”, already described by the “ARC” once again to counter the “Crimean Platform”. Admittedly, self-publicity has become the only area where Mr. Muradov has really achieved some success since 2014, and obviously his next “Crimean” activities will have a similar dimension.