Our Association submitted to the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights the responses regarding the normative standards and obligations under international law in relation to the promotion and protection of the human rights of older persons. “ARC” already sent to the UN Experts our submissions on issues of the the human rights of older person on the Crimean peninsula in 2020 and 2021 and now this issue is researched by the OHCHR in whole.

Describing the challenges for older Crimean Tatars “ARC” pointed for UN that the key source of discrimination of the Crimean Tatars is concentrated in Russian punitive and propaganda policy, which revitalized the Soviet myth about the “enemy people” and determined any indigenous activists as “extremists”, if they manifested any disloyalty towards the “Russian policies”. Association pointed for UN on hard destiny of Crimean politic prisoners’ old family members, who are now in extremely hard situation as the “dangerous family members of terrorist and extremists” as they are named by Russian propaganda. And more they are now in extremely dangerous social situation as dependents who lost the source of own minimal economic stability.

But, as Association’s submission pointed, not only Crimean Tatar old persons are in the extremely vulnerable situation in the Crimea. Russian invasion in Crimea caused the collapse of the medical system on peninsula by its forced transfer to the “Russia’s insurance model” and it caused the shortage of medical staff. Also artificial restrictions were established by “authorities”, as for possibilities to buy medical drugs of Ukrainian or other civilized countries’ origin, so for the travels from the Crimea to the mainland of Ukraine for social and medical purposes. And even more, stuff of the “semi-official” monopolist insurance company “Krymmedstrakh”, controlled by Russian “authorities” in the Crimea, uses the “insurance data” to determine the lonely older person with high-priced property in the Crimea. Later such person dies in Crimean hospitals and their real estate goes to the relevant mafia tightly connected with Russian “authorities”.