The “Sevastopol City Court” has finished considering the “case”, prepared by the “Investigative Department of the Federal Security Service of Russia’s Directorate for the Republic of Crimea and the City of Sevastopol” regarding the actions of the former head of the “Sevastopolgaz” structure created by the Russia’s invaders. The “exploits” of the defendant were notable for a wide scale, since the invaders’ punitive structures counted three episodes of “misappropriation and waste of funds committed by a person using his official position, on an especially large scale”.

Those who were actually absent, but stayed on the “lists of workers”, were accrued “salaries and bonuses” in the total amount of over 1.4 million rubles. Also, 15 persons received “bonuses for the performance of especially important tasks” for 5.3 million rubles, which were withdrawn by the head from the “bonuses” and assigned. A month later, the defendant persuaded 7 “subordinates” to a fictitious “loan of funds from the enterprise” for 10 million rubles, which he also kept for himself. Our Associations wrote already that due to invaders’ negligence the Crimea-located gas networks are now in the terrible conditions.

According to the Russian edition “Komersant”, we are talking about Alexander Dzyubchuk, who, after his “arts” in the gas field, hastened to “quit”. But such a demanded “master of bonuses” did not remain without earnings, and since July 2018 he also took the “post of general director” of the “Crimean Soda Plant” located in Krasnoperekopsk. We would not pay so much attention to another stealing collaborator, but in the same summer of 2018 the Russia-controlled “interregional administration of Rosprirodnadzor” sent a “lawsuit” to “recover from the “Crimean Soda Plant” material damage in the amount of about 1.2 billion rubles, due with the loss of mineral reserves caused by unauthorized use of subsoil”. However, the “most humane” “Arbitration Court of Crimea” only “partially satisfied the claim”, demanding only 13.12 million rubles from the key polluter of the Crimean ecology, which is almost 92 times less than the invaders’ controllers initially requested.

Let us also draw the readers’ attention to yet another “victorious report” of the same “Investigation Department of the FSB Directorate” who reported on the “investigation of embezzlement on an especially large scale” by the former head of the “budgetary institution” “Gorsvet”. He entered into a “fictitious contract for the development of design estimates for the overhaul of outdoor lighting in the amount of 18 million rubles”. Also, the Russia-controlled punishers reported on the “criminal case” against Mikhail Tarasov, former Sevastopol’s “director of the department of municipal services”, regarding his machinations when concluding a “contract for the construction of sewage treatment plants” “Yuzhnye” (“Pyvdenni”). Our Association has repeatedly written about this scam worth more than 6.8 billion rubles, which were successfully mastered, and of course, not by the Sevastopol “switchmen”.

These “lawsuits” concerning ordinary executors, naturally, will in no way improve the Russian occupiers’ “environmental management” in the Crimea. And the peninsula’s nature systems continue to suffer.