Servicemen of the divers` teams of the Navies of Mozambique and the Republic of Guinea arrived to the occupied Sevastopol for the declared “international” competition “Depth 2020”. Divers, seconded by their own governments, have violated Ukrainian legislation on entering the occupied city and are in occupied Sevastopol illegally.

The grand opening of the competition and the first stage of the “fight for prizes” will begin on August 27. Russia’s “Crimean Friends” are already undergoing relevant training under the guidance of so-called “joint training centers of the Russian Navy.” Divers from Mozambique and from the Republic of Guinea have already got acquainted with the diving equipment, with venues of the competition, as well as with the peculiarities of the individual elements of underwater tasks.

Mozambique is one of the poorest countries in the world, where Marxist dictators have ruled for many decades and the armed religious confrontation is unfolding. There are up to 400 Ukrainians residing in the country, and the conditional Ukrainian community tends to decrease steadily due to the departure of doctors and university professors, especially in 2004-2009.

According to official data as of May 2020, in 2018 the volume of bilateral trade in goods (Mozambique and Ukraine) amounted to 16.1 million US dollars and increased compared to the previous period by 6.3 %. At the same time, exports of goods from Ukraine to Mozambique amounted in 2018 to 10.4 million US dollars (an increase of 4.5 times), and imports of goods from Mozambique to Ukraine amounted to 5.7 million US dollars (a decrease of 55.9 %). At the same time, in 2019 the volume of bilateral trade in goods decreased many times. Exports of goods from Ukraine to Mozambique amounted to one million dollars, and imports of goods from Mozambique to Ukraine remained at the level of 2018.

Will the unfriendly visits of Mozambique and Guinean naval servicemen to Sevastopol, apparently paid by the aggressor-State, be the reason not only for the diplomatic steps but also for the termination of the policy of Ukrainian support those undemocratic countries at the expense of own taxpayers?