On November 19, on the eve of the UN Children’s Day, the Crimean Tatar Resource Center organized a press conference “UN Convention on the Rights of the Child: How to Protect the Rights of Children in Crimea?”. Leviza Dzhelyal, the wife of Nariman Dzhelyal, a prisoner of conscience, spoke at this online event, describing the practical difficulties of Crimean children, whose parents are currently being repressed and imprisoned. During the discussion, both the main challenges to the rights of the child in Crimea and the tools of international legal response to the relevant violations were assessed.

The speakers stated that despite the impossibility of individual complaints against Russia to the UN Committee on the Rights of the Child regarding Russia’s violations of the UN profile convention and protocols to it on the prohibition of child trafficking and child militarization in the Crimea, there are a number of other procedures within the United Nations and the Council of Europe to be effectively applied against the oppressions of children’s rights in the Crimea. In addition to the completely inhumane situation with the persecution of political prisoners’ children, the participants of the press conference discussed the violation of the rights of Crimean children to sustainable development, to proper treatment and sanitation, to access to effective education, and to education in their mother language. As the expert of the Association, Professor Borys Babin noted during this event, systemic and mass violations of children’s rights in Crimea should be the subject of increased attention of international organizations and courts.