For a week now, the Russian occupiers’ propaganda has been reporting on a new “systemic investment” in Yevpatoria. It is about a long-suffering park near the once healing lake Moinaky, which is once again is under the treat of destruction for the housing development. Sergei Leskin, representative of “investors” from the Krasnodar Territory from the firm “Slavyansky Dom”, promises to create a “large recreational and housing complex with the restoration of the imperial mud baths’ traditions”. His “business partner” Eduard Gryvkovsky promises on behalf of the “Simferopol Development Company” that the next “city-garden” will be built in eight years, and that the “Development Corporation of the Republic of Crimea” will accompany the “investment project”. Oddly enough, at the same time “Head of the Crimea” Aksyonov announced that in the same park, on the “instructions of the President”, “the mud baths will also be restored” [1].

Let us recall that our Association has already written about the prospects for the development of a green zone near Lake Moinaky in Yevpatoria in favor of a number of Russian beneficiaries, including the Speaker of the Russia’s Federation Council Valentina Matviyenko [2]. We talked about the consistent destruction during the years of occupation of the buildings of the Yevpatoriya’s mud baths and the seizure of the “Batkivshchyna” sanatorium by collaborators. We also pointed out that the current “investment project” for forty billion rubles [3] was announced in October 2021 by a native of Donetsk Dmitry Vorona, who “suddenly” became a year ago a “director” of the aforementioned “Development Corporation” and previously held senior positions in ministries and departments of Ukraine. In particular, this “curator of investors” until 2014 held the positions of Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs, Deputy Minister of Justice, Deputy Chairman of the State Migration Service of Ukraine. The media associated this with the patronage of the head of the Makiivka clan Vasily “Bat” Dzharty and the former Ukraine’s Minister of Internal Affairs and the head of the Crimean Council of Ministers Anatoly Mogilev [4].

Let us note that by “a strange coincidence”, a very similar development project “Moinaky” was developed ten years ago by the Kiev Research Institute “DIPROMISTO”. It was discussed by the Yevpatoria city authorities in 2012, but then, due to the negative attitude of the public, the project was rejected [5]. The current plans of the “investors” can be learned from the “prescript of the Council of Ministers of the Republic of Crimea” No. 1474-r dated November 9, signed by the “head of the Crimean government” Yuriy Gotsanyuk, which is proposed to “transfer to federal ownership” from the “Crimean” one two land plots with an area of ​​22.98 and 10.18 hectares.

These plots, allegedly “transferred” to the Russia’s Federal Agency for State Property Management, are numbered by the invaders in their “registers” as 90:18:010106:104 and 90:18:000000:1186, respectively [6]. According to the “registers”, these objects include the entire territory of the sanatorium of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine “Batkivshchyna”  seized by the Russian invaders and adjacent to Lake Moinaky, the entire lakeside park, the Moinaky mud baths, abandoned under the occupation, as well as the nearby sea beach belonging to the “Iskra” sanatorium, which belongs to the Ministry of Health of Ukraine also. Our Association has already written about the destruction by the Russian invaders of the unique sanatorium “Batkivshchyna”, intended for the treatment of children with cerebral palsy. The “Iskra” sanatorium, seized by the Russia’s invaders as a “republican property” [7], the beach of which are now transferring by the occupants to “respectable investors,” was designed to rehabilitate children after serious illnesses and injuries of the central nervous system [8]. It is reported that the expenses of the “town budget” for these “respectable gentlemen” will be carried out for “reconstruction of the electrical substation to the required capacity” for the transfer of several apartments in the planned new buildings for the “town needs”.

Now the Yevpatorian community is actively discussing this “investment project” with a general opinion – the result will be in the destruction of the last remaining green zone in the town and in the irreversible negative changes in the hydrology of the once famous children’s resort. At the same time, it is reported that “a respectable investor” Eduard Gryvkovsky “is associated with large development projects growing from Moscow” and he participated in the development of the “Zhigulina Roshcha” microdistrict in Simferopol. Indeed, it is Gryvkovsky’s firm, with the active support of the Russian colonial administration, that actively builds up “Zhigulina Roscha” and erected the “Meganom” entertainment complex next to this largest “manthill” in the center of the Crimea.

Our Association has already written about Eduard Gryvkovsky, but in the context of his Yalta adventures. The firms “Dom Kompozitora” (“House of Composer”) and “Sanatorium “Kiev”, “owned” by a “respectable investor” became a cover for the construction of residential complexes on the site of Yalta’s historical buildings, allegedly “worn out”. “CrimeaRealii” [9] also wrote about this scam, but we also reported that Gryvkovsky, as a long-term partner of the former Chairman of the Verkhovna Rada, Vladimir Lytvyn, of the former Moscow Mayor Yuri Luzhkov, of the “Chechen leader” Ramzan Kadyrov and of the Russian oligarch, owner of “AFK Sistema”, Vladimir Yevtushenkov, directed on the spot the destruction of the fish processing plant located in the Yalta center, for which Mr. Gryvkovsky earned the hatred of the Yalta’s residents [10]. In these cases, the company “Sib-brok” ​​also “surfaced”, the head of which at one time was Vadim Gryvkovsky, Eduard’s brother. Now this company continues to be listed in Ukrainian registries and it is headed by a certain Garlieva Agagul, to which, among other things, the company “Sistema-Hals Ukraine” is registered in Odessa [11; 12]. Former people’s deputy from the “Lytvyn Bloc” Vadim Gryvkovsky is indeed listed as a “co-owner” of the Yalta’s “Sanatorium “Kiev” in the “registers” of the Russia’s invaders [13].

However, the Gryvkovsky family needs more detailed lighting. Eduard Gryvkovsky, born in Vatutino, Cherkasy Region, has held key positions in the government of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea for a long time. Back in 2007, he was put in the rating of the “Focus” magazine in the twentieth place among the most influential Crimeans, as the first deputy chairman of the Council of Ministers of autonomy [14]. Since 2006, Gryvkovsky has combined positions in the government of the peninsula with a deputy in the Verkhovna Rada of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea, and in 2010 he successfully passed, together with Sergei Kunitsyn, into its composition according to the electoral list of the de-facto “Crimean” party “Soyuz” (”Union”), headed by the odious and now deceased Lev Mirimsky, a “Crimean authority of a wide profile”. It is noteworthy that on July 14, 2009, Gryvkovsky got into a scandal, having arrived with a ostentatious check of the “access control” at the Yevpatoria beach, then rented by the company “Vesta Service” [15]. Let us assume that, solely by the “irony of fate”, this is practically the very place where the “respectable investor” Gryvkovsky will build now the next “elite high-rise buildings” for the Russian colonialists. We will add that since 2010, under the regime of Vasily “Bat” Dzharty, Gryvkovsky “remained in the ranks” in the same position and he praised, in every possible way, the “statist approach” of the Donetsk mafia to “restore order” [16] in the Crimea.

But as soon as this regime loosened during the Euromaidan period, the rhetoric of the “Soyuz” deputy Gryvkovsky became so different that it surprised even the “seasoned” Crimean politicians. For example, in December 2013, at a session of the Crimean Verkhovna Rada, Deputy Hryvkovsky suggested holding a round table “For a United Ukraine” for agreeing on the issues of “resetting powers, terms and conditions for holding early presidential and parliamentary elections in 2014”. Gryvkovsky then called on Viktor Yanukovych to “go down in history”, since “Viktor Fedorovich never learned to love Ukraine. He loves only himself in Ukraine” [17]. And in the already occupied Crimea, Gryvkovsky, among all the events of 2014, singled out, in his opinion, the key one, namely, allegedly, “when the government of the Mogilev’s thieves was removed with all this lads…” [18]. However, this rhetoric did not save Eduard Hryvkovsky from suspicion of high treason from Ukrainian law enforcement officers for complicity in the occupation of Crimea, and it is difficult to call it sincere. After all, now in Yevpatoria, Gryvkovsky will be working with the aforementioned Dmitry Vorona, a creature of Dzharty and Mogilev, who is not so far from the business interests of the Yanukovych clan in Crimea.

We also add that Mr. Gryvkovsky represents not only some “Moscow oligarchs’” business interests in the Crimea, but also quite works for specific Ukrainian entrepreneurs. As “KrymRealii” and the “Center for Investigative Journalism” correctly reported, one of the co-owners of Gryvkovsky’s “Stolichnaya Commercial Group”, which is building the “Zhigulina Roshcha” complex, with 13.9% of shares, is the Cypriot company “Synestra Trading Limited”, with the Russian ultimate controller Sergei Martynov. At the same time, until 2016, a controlling stake in “Synestra Trading Limited” was owned by “Ukrainian Property Development (UPD) Holdings Limited”, which was called as own one by the Ukrainian businessman Vasyl Khmelnytsky [19].

And here we should thank “Forbes: for analyzing the business empire of Mr. Khmelnytsky, for a long time one of the least public “sharks of Ukrainian entrepreneurship”. In the early years of independent Ukraine, this person came to Kiev to “do business” from St. Petersburg and his “Kiev Investment Group” began to buy up literally everything – from glass factories and pharmaceutical factories to a number of regional energetic companies and “Zaporizhstal” plant [20]. But in the future, as Mr. Khmelnytsky explains, his business decided to concentrate on development, and the main construction and land assets of the “Kiev Investment Group” were included in the aforementioned “Ukrainian Property Development”. In particular, this structure erected “Ocean Plaza” and “Smart Plaza” in Kiev, also as the residential complexes “Novopecherskie Lipki”, “Parkove Misto”, “RiverStone”, “Boulevard of Fountains” and others. All this is described by us for one reason, namely because the aforementioned MP Vadim Gryvkovsky, brother of Eduard Gryvkovsky, named by “Forbes” as a “Mr. Khmelnytsky’s childhood friend”, is the minority owner of the “Kiev Investment Group” and, accordingly, of the “UPD”. Here we can agree that Mr. Khmelnitsky, as a graduate of a vocational school in Vatutino with a degree in “locksmith-welder” in 1984, knew both the Gryvkovsky brothers, in particular Vadim the local electrician.

Of course, one could speculate for a long time about how the master of the construction and installation department in Leningrad Khmelnitsky “suddenly” became in 1991 the head of the information and analytical department of a joint Russian-American venture. But we can afford not to speculate with hypotheses, but simply to quote facts. In the crisis year of 2008, unfinished “UPD” facilities in Kiev, such as “Novopecherski Lypky”, were helped by an increase in the credit line by $ 135 million by the Russian “Sberbank”, which was preceded by a personal visit by German Gref to the Kiev-located construction site [20]. Such are the reliable partners and associates of “UPD” in difficult times. We do not know whether Mr. Gref personally walked along the shores of Lake Moinaky, but now we can understand why the original plans of the Speaker Valentina Matviyenko to get a personal estate in Yevpatoria were now somewhat adjusted in favor of other persons of the “St. Petersburg’s clan”. Well, the semi-anecdotal “battles under the carpet” for the seats of the “mayor” and “head of the city council” of Yevpatoria, which have been going on for a month now, are just echoes of the battle of Russian groups for control over the tidbits for mass “elite development”.

In this sad story, it remains to add that our Association also wrote about the son of Eduard Gryvkovsky, Vladislav Gryvkovsky, who is listed as an entrepreneur in Kiev and is the beneficiary of the Ukrainian construction company “VVIG”, registered in Yalta at 6 Darsanovskaya Street [21]. At this address there is now a certain “Crimean Transport Company”, offering services of “medium and large construction”, in particular “on areas with difficult terrain in a short time”. Among other things, these “builders-transport workers” stated that ‘our facilities are located throughout the Crimea, and we also carry out part of the construction of the Crimean Bridge” [22]. Thus, now it is already easy to fix both the customers and performers of the destruction of the last green zone of Yevpatoria in the interests of the Russian colonialists.