Resonant provocative theses of self-proclaimed “President” of Belarus Alexander Lukashenka, not recognized by civilized countries of the world, about the attempted annexation of Crimea, announced on November 4 and later replayed by his regime’s officials – Andrey Savin and Vladimir Makei, caused the corresponding statement by the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry. In particular, on November 10, it was emphasized by Ukraine that a change in the approach of the de-facto authorities of Belarus to the Crimean issue will lead to inevitable consequences for the Ukrainian-Belarusian relations. Above-pointed Minsk regime’s statements were carried out against the background of the growing dependence of the local officials on the Kremlin, and the artificial unfolding of the “migration crisis” by them on the Belarusian-Polish border.

As the expert of the Association, Professor Boris Babin, informed on this issue in an interview with the “Belsat” agency, the puppeteers of the “asylum seekers” today operate on the border with the European Union in the same way as the Russia’s troops in the Crimea in 2014, when the blocking of military units was carried out by the alleged “civilian population”, behind which were Russian soldiers. The expert recalled the words of Putin, followed now by the Minsk regime, according to which “they will not do us anything, because we will stand behind women with children”.