Our Association has recently paid some attention to the “success” of the actions of Georgy Muradov, the constant boss of the “Representation of the Republic of Crimea under the President of Russia”. In particular, the “attenuation” of the project “Friends of Crimea”, actively lobbied by Mr. Muradov, and the termination of his other creation from 2019, the “annual conference” “Crimea in the modern international context” were stated. Following the publication of these materials, which covered, inter alia, Mr Muradov’s financial dealings, including in connection with the Cypriot offshore, he held urgently a regular “annual conference” in Simferopol “by a strange coincidence. The level and number of its “foreign delegates”, urgently gathered by the aggressor, turned out to be, as expected, extremely marginal, and the plot of such hasty action was clearly far-fetched, even by the standards of the aggressor’s propaganda.

That’s why Mr. Muradov has to organize the “awarding of delegates”, including “Slovak politics veteran” Ján Čarnogurský, the head of the fake “Federation of Crimean Tatars’ Derneks” Unver Sel and “professional Chinese” Ge Zhili, who since 2014 has not stopped promising “billion investments” from communist China to the peninsula. Also at the “conference” speakers were Austrian neo-Nazi, head of the Vienna “Suvorov Institute” Patrick Poppel, known for his cooperation with Russian ultra-radicals Konstantin Malofeev and Lev Dugin, as well as the Armenian parliamentarian Hayk Babukhanyan, who, among other things, aimed at the creation of Armenia’s own nuclear weapons. As before, the “cultural recreation” of “foreign participants” of this gathering relied, in particular, on the relevant ethnic general criminal groups of the peninsula, which have their own illegal interest in the field of human trafficking.