The occupier-controlled media, “Yevpatoriiskaya Zdravnitza” (“Yevpatorian Health Resort”) recently published an interview with Eldar Ibragimov, a “United Russia’s” “town council deputy”, about the alleged Crimean Tatars’ “happy living” of their Yevpatorian compact settlement, Ismail Bey. In addition to the joyful reports of the Crimean Tatar collaborator that even “a national pattern will be laid out of tiles” somewhere in the settlement, Mr. Ibragimov was forced to admit that the scandal raised by activists with large-scale construction of Russian invaders on the site of the Crimean Tatar cemetery will be solved very simply, as the aggressor will carry out an “examination”, whether there were any burials in general.

It is already clear to everyone what the real outcome of this action will be, because the Russian invaders want to cover up their intentions to “master the funds of the federal program” on the next “construction of the century”. We will remind that there are some dead monuments to “spent federal funds” already in Yevpatoria, such as the “restored” embankment, closed for visiting, the town’s Palace of Sports closed after “capital reconstruction” and the “sports complex” which was covered with cracks before opening, which never happened.

In addition, collaborator Ibragimov criminally stated that those Crimean Tatars who “arrived in Crimea as a child from Uzbekistan” should allegedly “go to Uzbekistan, get citizenship of this country, return to Russia and then apply for Russian citizenship as citizens of Uzbekistan”. Of course, these persons are actually citizens of Ukraine, and the calculation of the Russian occupiers and their serves is very simple – someone who will be squeezed out of the Crimea in this way, will stay in Uzbekistan, and those who go through all the miseries with “citizenship” of course will not get the “permission” from the Russian invaders to reside in the Crimea. It should be noted that the Russian invaders’ propaganda entrusted these Jesuit theses exactly to Mr. Eldar, whom some of the Crimean Tatars could simply believe and do what the occupiers and their henchmen so illegally want – leave the peninsula in search of fake “citizenships”.