Our Association has already written about the prospects of illegal construction of a green zone near Yevpatorian Lake Moinaki in favor of a number of Russian beneficiaries, including the Chairman of the Russia’s Federation Council Valentina Matviyenko. It was pointed out that the buildings of the Yevpatoria mud hospital had been successively destroyed during the years of occupation and that the near-located “Batkivshchyna” sanatorium had been seized by collaborators.

“ARC” also pointed to the connection of a number of competing groups of occupiers with machinations with land and recreational resources of Yevpatoria. Now, after Olesya Kharitonenko, the “chairman of the town council”, and the protege of the “speaker of the State Council of the Republic of Crimea” Volodymyr Konstantynov, the Russian invaders announced the “construction of a world-class rehabilitation center with housing and social facilities’ objects”, worth forty billion rubles. It is noteworthy that this “project” was announced by Dmytro Vorona, a native of Donetsk, who in 2020 became the “director of the Crimean Development Corporation” and previously held management positions in ministries and departments of Ukraine.

Journalists linked the rapid career growth to 2014 and broad corruption talents of Doctor of Laws, Mr. Vorona as Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs, Deputy Minister of Justice, Deputy Head of the State Migration Service of Ukraine with the head of the Makiivka organised group Vasyl “Bita” Dzharty and former Minister of Internal Affairs and Chairman of the Crimean Council of Ministers Anatoliy Mogilev. It is obvious that the Russian Invaders and their servants are now hoping not only to destroy the unique recreational areas of the Western Crimea, but also to gain the appropriate wealth to build them. The result will be the loss of remnants of the Yevpatoria’s green and water protection town zones, which will significantly reduce the health potential of the resort.