On the air of Ukrainian Radio, the expert of our Association Borys Babin and a member of the Board of the Union of Archaeologists of Ukraine Oleksandr Malyshev discussed the prospects for the development of the case of “Scythian gold”. “The collection, which is now in Amsterdam, has 565 museum exhibits. For the most part, this is all called “Scythian gold”, although it is clear that not all items are made of gold and not all belong to the Scythians. There are Sarmatians, Cimmerians and other peoples who inhabited the south of Ukraine. This exhibition, “Crimea. Golden Island in the Black Sea”, which took place since the end of 2013, aimed to make a cultural breakthrough and show Ukraine from this side, to show that we have antiquity, high culture, and, accordingly, the collection was formed from the best samples, from what is most representative. That is why it is extremely important to return this collection to Ukraine”, – Oleksandr Malyshev said. In his turn, Borys Babin stressed that the case of “Crimean gold”, which was considered in the Netherlands, is not about money, but about justice and on the right of the Ukrainian people to their own cultural heritage.