As the Russian propaganda reported, the Crimean “administration” allegedly finally abandoned the fantastic ideas on “search for water” at the bottom of the Sea of Azov. Instead, another “federal investment” in water management and water distribution on the peninsula is announced for 2022. But now it turns out that the Russian invaders will reimburse this “aid” by money taken from the inhabitants of the peninsula. Crimean residents are discussing expressively this fall novations in “payment receipts” about “services run by managing companies”, where they borrow hundreds of rubles for water supply monthly spears from each apartment at “all-house expences”. This is the water that was allegedly “directed by water utilities” to the private consumers but did not reach their apartments. It is easy to estimate that three hundred thousand Crimean “consumers” will pay extra hundreds of millions per year for this phantom water due to the negative conditions of the water supply systems. Such a common annual amount is comparable to the funds that are solemnly allocated by the aggressor from a “federal budget” to allegedly solve the “water crisis” in the Crimea.