In Yevpatoria, the “carpet” struggle of invaders’ and collaborators’ groups for control over the lands and the town “budget” continues with the prospect of their final looting. We have already reported that on October 5, Russian punitive forces from the “competing clan” detained Yevpatoria’s “head of administration” Roman Tikhonchuk and “head of the town council” Olesya Kharitonenko. The situation was preceded by the throwing by Ruslan Balbek the “compromising information” on these persons in the area of land usage. And the piquancy was that these lands were in the area of interest of a number of players, including “head of administration” of the neighboring village of Uyutne Olena Osadcha, sister of infamous Natalia Poklonskaya. In fact, it was revenge for the removal from the “feeding point”, because both Balbek and Poklonskaya were not “reappointed” by the Kremlin in 2021 as “Crimean deputies” of the State Duma of Russia.

Later, after a strong lobbying of Tikhonchuk and Kharitonenko interests by their Kremlin curators, these “officials” allegedly took a “slight fright” and already on October 6 Yevpatorians found them “as if nothing had happened” at their own workplaces. But the situation developed and the Russia-controlled “prosecutor’s office” submitted “a petition to the town council” for the “removal” of Tikhonchuk and Kharitonenko. The issue was to be considered by the “town council commission” at its meeting on October 20, but this did not happen “for some reason”. However, today the protégé of the “Crimean speaker” Volodymyr Konstantinov, Ms. Kharitonenko, was “removed from office” by a “court decision”. It is obvious that the withdrawal of Balbek and Poklonskaya and the honorary exile of the “Crimean Spring’s Prosecutor” to Cape Verde as “Ambassador of Russia” are not liked by many in the Kremlin or among the Crimean groups of Russian punitive forces and special services. Thus, the opposition of the Russian invaders’ clans for the right to plunder Western Crimea will continue.